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The kind of modern lingerie that today’s Indian women buy are a clear sign that they have moved too far ahead from the conservative bra and panty.

Indian women today have developed global outlook, thanks to Internet, proliferation of western clothing and changing socio-economic scenario. Today, Indian women wanted to look and wear something trendy, modern and comfortable. This is reflecting not only in the modern outfits they choose to wear, but also the kind of lingerie they prefer. The proliferation of online platforms selling modern lingerie is proof enough that Indian women are coming out of their traditional shackles and are keen to explore something trendy even for something that they wear underneath their clothing.

Lingerie has been gaining prominence in every woman’s wardrobe today. The projection that a woman can look good and confident in a good lingerie has gone down too well that women have become very choosy in the kind of lingerie that they want to wear. What was seen as an undergarment has evolved into something that can help women make a style statement during private time. From being a basic undergarment, lingerie is seen as indulgence attire, something that will make a woman get that ‘irresistible look’.

Then Bollywood had a fair share in making lingerie popular as actress sported trendy lingerie in movies, during song sequences and other romantic scenes.

Women today buy lingerie not just to fit their body type and size, but also to suit their personality and outlook. They choose the one that makes them feel confident and feel good about their body and overall self. Their choice of lingerie is based on feminine classy design. Some women prefer to wear lingerie that is flirtatious nature, as they want to have fun in bed with their partner. Few women want lingerie that should give them a sporty look, while some women are keen on buying lingerie that will make them get that better body look.

One thing that is common with all types of lingerie is that women want to wear something underneath that will make them look and feel better and their partner should appreciate them.

In Indian context, lingerie connotes to a visually appealing inner-wear that can be labeled an attractive clothing.

Lingerie made its way into the Indian market post liberalization. Along with several cosmetic brand and fashion clothing, lingerie made its way into Indian women’s wardrobe. Sensing the demand, Indian lingerie brands are now creating elegant, stylish and smart-fitting lingerie to compete with global lingerie brands.

Why most of the Lingerie is bought online?

Women prefer to buy lingerie through online platform as it allows them to choose the one that they want without being judged by others and there is no way that they can feel embarrassed. Though online platforms offer convenience and wide choice, it is the privacy factor that makes women shop lingerie in online platforms. In addition to lingerie, there is a steep rise in swimwear, shape wear, trim wear etc.,

Types of Lingerie

Though there are scores of lingerie available now, some of the popular categories of lingerie are as below.


Babydolls are sleeveless night dress that is stitched in such a way allowing women to showcase their shapely body in an elegant way. Babydolls give cover only to the upper body allowing for a free leg movement. Women prefer this as it is convenient, elegant and allows them to showcase themselves in a smart way.


This is a chic version of swim suits. Teddies are best worn by women with a slim and shapely body. This combines bra and panties and doubles up as a one-piece undergarment that gives good cover to the upper body and shapely lower body. This is preferred by women who want to sport a killer look.


Chemises are a slightly different version of babydolls. While babydolls come with covered neck portion, chemises on the other hand come with a thin shoulder strap to hold it from the top, while giving a partial cover to the bosoms. Chemises are little longer compared to teddies while flowing down up to thighs. Both chemises and teddies allow woman to expose their shapely legs and enjoy free leg movement.


Night dress is a special type of lingerie that is long and made using soft fabric. It is meant for a good night sleep and free movement of legs. This comes with curvy cuts and shape allowing the woman to showcase their body in the most attractive way possible.


Bra and panty are the traditional lingerie that is long been worn by woman. Now bras and panties are coming in different sizes, shapes and finishes allowing women to choose the ones that is best suited for their body type. Bra and panty sets are available for woman of all sizes and shapes allowing them to feel desirable and good about their body.


Women today have become very choosy when it comes to buying their panties. They want their panties to be comfortable, trendy, nicely shaped, add value to their complexion and body type. Every woman desires to look attractive in her panties. A plethora of panties are available online nowadays for women to choose from.


This is a type of lingerie that allows women to get that chic and irresistible look. Harness can be worn above inner garments and also over the outer garment as the belts highlight the shape of the body. Harness lingerie is known to add enormous appeal to a woman. It is known to add tremendous value to the natural attractive powers and allows woman to get a stunning look.


This is a special range of costumes that is best suited to wear during your bedtime. These costumes are not only convenient, but are designed to enhance the wearer's appeal and make them feel good about their bodies. These range of costumes are meant to get that irresistible look and make men fall for their partners instantly.


We stock an exclusive range of bridal wear for young women as they cannot afford to compromise on the big day of her life. The bridal wear is made using high quality fabric replete with self designed lingerie. This bridal wear is both elegant but intended to help you get that amazingly look, allowing you to expose yourself only to the extent that will give you an irresistible and elegant look. These costumes allow the user to get that fantastic first impression on that special night.


Honeymoon is always special and memorable to everyone, both men and women. Fanny Bomb has a range of exclusive honeymoon wear which are specially designed to make you feel good about you and present yourself in the most elegant way possible. These honeymoon lingerie come in loose fitting and made using high quality and breathable material. These wear come with adjustable shoulder straps, bow bustle, adjustable eye front closure.

Fannybomb is one of the comprehensive platform to buy all types of lingerie, role play costumes and much more.

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